Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Structure 2 Mid-test Answer Key

Download the answer key. Check your answer sheet and you can correct your score to me anytime.

Pragmatics Assignment

Pragmatics assignment

  1. Choose only 2 items from the following 5 items
  2. Elaborate your answer with the logical presupposition (notation)
  3. Write down (handwritten) on A4 paper
  4. Submit next week on the day of the meeting.
The items:
  1. Inexperienced dancers often have difficulty in ending the Natural Turn in the correct alignment . . . It is usually the man who is at fault.
  2. She’s a nice woman, isn’t she? Also a nice woman is our next guest.
  3. [physician assigning interns to patients] You and you are shortness of breath. You and you take vertigo. And last but not least, knee pain.
  4. Dear Ann Landers: Our Phi Beta Kappa son, age 22, is living at home and working in a department store until he decides on further schooling. “Neil” is a pleasure to have around. He’s a son any
    parent would be proud of. Also working in the store is a 29-year-old woman who has an 8-monthold
  5. A: How was your meal?
    B: Good. I had the Pad Thai.